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RF WAGONLIFT, only lift on the rolling stock market

03/25/2015 | 2015

Voestalpine Railpro - On the right track with the Stertil-Koni RF WAGONLIFT, the most advanced and safest mobile column lift for rail freight wagon lifting.

Voestalpine Railpro, is the first rail equipment company in The Netherlands to receive the international accredited ECM certificate from the Environment and Transport Inspection Authorities (ILT).

ECM certificate

The ECM certificate consists of a total of four components in the field of car maintenance and is the highest certification available for safety in terms of maintenance and freight cargo transportation.


The Stertil-Koni RF (Rail Freight) WAGONLIFT provides a fast, cost effective and above all safe lifting solution. The RF WAGONLIFT is the only lift on the rolling stock market whereby the wagon and bogies can be lifted in one go with one single adaptor.

Advantages of the RF WAGONLIFT:  

  • 1 solution for all types of wagons: open, covered, flat, tank
  • 1 solution for all variety of gauges: standard, wide and narrow
  • 1 solution for inspections (e.g. axle corrosion and mechanical damage check)
  • 1 solution for maintenance (wheel set changes and general repair)
  • 1 solution for manufacturing
  • Standard operation from any column
  • Simple controls

For more information on the RF WAGONLIFT or any other Stertil-Koni heavy duty vehicle lifts, please send an email to vehiclelifts@stertil.nl or call +31-512-33 44 44