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Scania and Stertil-Koni mobile column vehicle lifts
11/12/2020 | 2020

Scania Awards Preferred Global Supplier Contract

Scania has chosen Stertil-Koni as their preferred global supplier for their heavy duty lifting equipment requirements for the next three years. Read more

Stertil-Koni USA fundraising for World Food Program USA
10/30/2020 | 2020

Stertil-Koni USA launches joint fundraising effort for WFP USA

Stertil-Koni USA to match 50% in donations from its distributor network and employees up to a pre-determined amount for WFP USA. Read more

SKYLIFT platform vehicle lift with ebright touchscreen Smart Control
09/02/2020 | 2020

Introducing ebright for the SKYLIFT Platform Lift

Proud to present the Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT platform vehicle lift with ebright touchscreen smart control. Read more

06/10/2020 | 2020

Keep your gloves on and let the ebright guide you

The ebright Smart Control System is a FC touchscreen control for both mobile column and in-ground Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts and can be operated using most types of gloves. Read more