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Keep Your Gloves on and Let the ebright Guide You

06/10/2020 | 2020

The ebright Smart Control System is a full-colour touchscreen control available on the market for the control for both mobile column and in-ground Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts and can be operated using most types of gloves. It is also soon to be available on all platform lifts including the legendary Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT. We will keep you posted on the availability of this.

Convenient and extremely easy to use digital control. What makes the ebright touchscreen control system so unique, is that it is one of the very few touchscreens that can be operated using gloves.
In these trying times when keeping safe and good hygiene is of the essence, you and your employees can keep their gloves on whilst operating the lift. Not only helping to contribute to hygiene safety, but also very practical when performing maintenance and repair or generally performing other tasks in between operating the Stertil-Koni lift.

Digitalise workshops

Since the introduction of ebright in 2014, Stertil-Koni has helped to digitalise workshops around the world. Maintenance and repair is essential for keeping vital organisations like public transport services, safety services or fleets of commercial vehicles for the logistics and distribution sectors up and running 24/7/365/sector.


Vechile lifts with touchscreen

A Stertil-Koni vehicle lift is made even easier to operate with the intuitive ebright system. Your mechanics are guided through the operation process with both visual and auditive signals. A modern intuitive practical to use fullcolour touchscreen, that allows you to keep virtually all types of gloves on at all times, which is extremely effective, hygienic and above all safe. Keep safe whilst carrying our repair and maintenance.

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