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Stertil-Koni and Hyzon Motors on Netherlands National News

11/10/2021 | 2021

Stertil-Koni and Hyzon Motors - The Netherlands National News at 8 p.m…

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"2040 is too late", says MD from Hyzon Motors, '"We're ready now and are already supplying hydrogen powered engines".
Agreements made at the climate conference COP 26 Glasgow state that commercial vehicle companies should be ready by 2040 for the energy transition and for CO2-free. Hyzon Motors are now ready and supplying hydrogen powered engines for inner-city companies and for building companies that require vehicles with less CO2 emissions in nature-reserve areas.

"Hydrogen-powered is a good solution for long-distances for commercial vehicles where long distances are being driven and the hydrogen-powered motors have a range of up to 700 km." Hyzon Motors are ready and so are we at Stertil-Koni."

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