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J&J Miles, New Stertil-Koni Wireless Mobile

Stertil-Koni wireless mobile column vehicle lifts

Stevensville, MD, June 22, 2016 – J&J Miles, a Freeport New York-based commercial truck and school bus inspection, repair and service facility – as well as extensive tire center – knows a thing or two about how to run a successful operation, particularly after more than nine decades in business.

Topping the list, company president John (“JP”) Miles observed, is one major factor: “We must deliver exceptional customer service efficiently and quickly – every time.” That’s why JP opted to outfit his shop with the very latest in heavy duty mobile column lifting technology from Stertil-Koni, featuring the ebright Smart Control System.

Even better, they use wireless technology!

“The Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts are rugged, dependable and, we can move them around the facility to wherever they are needed. When we’re really busy, we use them outside and can even wash vehicles on them. Even better, they use wireless technology, which makes life a lot easier, safer and quicker for our techs and faster in terms of vehicle servicing.”

And speed is always a priority. J&J Miles, now with a staff of 15 technicians, has grown from a commercial tire provider and truck repair shop to inspecting and servicing school buses. In recent developments, the company has become an official U.S. Department of Transportation inspection facility for “yellow dots” (school buses). With that kind of expertise, it’s not unusual to see 15-20 vehicles ready for servicing on any given day.

Enter the benefits of new technology. As JP observed, “The newest thing about the Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts is the ebright Smart Control System. It’s brought lifting into the next century.” Added Stertil-Koni president, Dr. Jean DellAmore, “This innovation features a full-color, seven-inch, touch-screen control console, much like the latest tablet computers. In that way, we are able to put all lifting controls directly at the fingertips of the person who needs the information most – the busy tech on shop floor.”

Concluded JP, “We started out with another company’s mobile column lifts, but frankly they weren’t wireless. And, they were heavier. So, the shift to Stertil-Koni lifts gives us a much more mobile lifting option, with a wireless platform, that is truly trouble-free. On top of that, we now have the latest control system, giving us the very best in heavy duty lifting technology.”

The ebright Smart Control System in use at J&J Miles also features:

  • Owner/user configurable options, including choice of language and personalized ID key to protect against unauthorized use;
  • Presentation of all relevant information at a glance; and
  • The ability to connect up to 32 mobile columns fully synchronized in a single set.


About J&J Miles

Founded in 1924, J& J Miles Truck & Auto Center specializes in heavy truck and automotive repair, bus repair, fleet accounts, tires and wheels. The company prides itself on maintaining a competitively priced line of commercial tires, industrial tires, OTR tires, consumer tires, and farm tires. J&J Miles offers computer spin balancing, flat tire repairs, and tire rotations performed by ASE-certified tire technicians. It also performs nitrogen inflation and TPMS adjustments, as well as a retreading service for fleets. J&J Miles is located at 160 East Merrick Rd. in Freeport, NY