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Qbuzz Public Transport Bus Depot New In-Ground ECOLIFTS

Qbuzz a public transport bus company network in The Netherlands serving most of the major Dutch cities now opens its new depot, "Westraven" in Utrecht.

A totally new workshop facility for the repair, maintenance, and service of public transport buses for Qbuzz. Utrecht is the fourth largest province in The Netherlands and there is a high demand for public transport as an effective method for getting in and around the city and province. Three workshop stations have been fitted out with new  Stertil-Koni In-Ground scissor lifts, ECOLIFTS which offer total flexibility and provide either 2, 3 and 4 scissor lift configurations for any bus configuration - from standard city to articulated buses.

The Dutch Stertil-Koni sales organisation, Stokvis Equipment in Deventer, was proud to be selected by the engineering and consulting agency ReFleet and Qbuzz  for the provision of the completely new workshop equipment including the ECOLIFTS from the Number 1 in the world for heavy duty lifting, Stertil-Koni.



The workshop has three identical stations, equipped respectively with two Stertil-Koni ECO 60 and one ECO 90 in-ground vehicle lifts. This combination offers complete freedom of choice and versatility to use the lifts individually and combined, as one EXTRA LONG lift. 

Vehicle Lift Adapters

Stertil-Koni as the specialist in heavy duty vehicle lifting segment has a comprehensive range of adapters that allow for the safe lifting of all vehicle types and models and with any wheel-axle combinations. 





The Energy Transition Electric Buses for U-OV and Qbuzz 

As a result of the move to electrification for local public transport companies, Qbuzz has invested in this ultramodern flexible bus depot in Utrecht. This prestigious project has been realised due to the excellent collaboration between ReFleet, Qbuzz and Stokvis Equipment.

The Westraven workshop has a capacity to service and maintain more than 160 buses of which, more than 40% are electric buses.  U-OV, (U-OV is a brand name of the Utrecht Regional Board under which transport company Qbuzz has been operating public transport by bus and light rail in the Utrecht Region since December 8, 2013), and the Province of Utrecht has the goal to provide 100 % clean public bus transport by 2028.

For more information on how Stertil-Koni can help you with making your workshop ready for the energy transition, please feel free to download our FREE Article.