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ST 1100 Mobile Column Lifts for Evergreen Airlines

 The Egas service team, which carries out repairs and maintenance for Evergreen Airlines, works with a set of Stertil-Koni mobile vehicle lifts. Our exclusive partner for Taiwan, Emma Vehicle Parts, sold and installed the ST 1100.

This will make the job of Egas much easier and safer while maintaining the Goldhofer aircraft tractor, Cobus and other ground support equipment.

ST 1100 mobile column lifts for Evergreen Airlines  ST 1100 mobile column lifts for Evergreen Airlines

International airport

Evergreen Airlines bought 4 columns of the ST 1100, which is the widest base frame version of the mobile columns. They can lift vehicles with very wide big wheels, like the Goldhofer aircraft tractor. Evergreen Airlines (EVA) is one of the two largest airlines in Taiwan. They are very happy with their new mobile column lifts, due to the fact that they now have faster turnaround times for maintenance and repair which is very important at busy international airports.

Lifting capacity

The lifting capacity of the Stertil-Koni ST 1100 is 10,000 kg per column. The maximum lifting height is 1,850 mm in just 94 seconds, making them one of the fastest and efficient mobile column lifts in the world.

ST 1100 for Evergreen Airlines   ST 1100 for Evergreen Airlines


Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts really are ‘mobile’. Thanks to the synthetic wheels and hydraulic pallet truck mechanism with patented overload protection, the column is easy to move.

ST 1100 Mobile Column Lifts
ST 1100 Mobile Column Lifts