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The Movable Mobile Column Lifts

The Adaptable Mobile Column Lift

Vertical Lifting Without Overhang Platform SKYLIFT

Variable Platform 4-Post Lifts

Easy Installation In-Ground Lifts

Agricultural Machinery Maintenance Lifting Solutions

The ultimate solution for agricultural vehicle and equipment lifting. Safe and efficient and totally ergonomic. Stertil-Koni has a wide range of lifts for performing maintenance on your agricultural machinery standing on our feet no more lying down or sitting beneath the vehicle. The usual lifting aids such as jacks overhead cranes and fork lift trucks provide insufficient safety and a consequence you are doing maintenance in unsafe and health-risk conditions.


Mobile Column Lifts

tractor on 2 mobile lifts
  • Can be used in and outdoors.
  • Optimum access to the chassis of the lifted vehicle
  • Multiple axle vehicles can be lifted 
  • Standard adjustable forks so virtually all wheel diameters can be lifted Get more Mobile Column Lift information    

How to use Agricultural Adapters

Here you can view a video about lifting a tractor with two Mobile Columns using Agricultural Adapters. 

There is a brochure for the Agricultural Adapters available.

Download brochure 


SKYLIFT platform lift

  • Ultimate access to the lifted vehicle
  • Platform length from 7 -14.5 m per lift.
  • Long vehicles can be lifted with one SKYLIFT
  • Tandem configurations possible if you require more length Get more information Platform SKYLIFT

In-Ground Lift for wheel-free maintenance

  • Optimal for wheel-free maintenance and inspection jobs
  • Multiple axle vehicles can be lifted
  • Virtually all wheel bases can be lifted
  • In-Ground Lift is flush to the floor and fully accessible Get more information In-Ground Lifts