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Construction & Earthmoving

Construction & Earthmoving

Construction & Earthmoving

Construction & Earthmoving

Industrial Vehicle Lifting: Construction, Earthmoving & Off-Road


Be it a tipper truck, digger, asphalt grader, snow plough, or any vehicle; single axle, multiple axles with or without trailers, we have a heavy duty vehicle lift.
Extremely heavy duty lifting demands a Stertil-Koni lift with a unique robust stream-lined design for ultimate freedom of movement in and around the vehicle. The vehicle is usually bulky but the biggest advantage of our vehicle lifts is that they are not, allowing the mechanic to easily move around the vehicles with toolboxes and other necessary equipment. Our lifts are tested beyond the norms for maximum safety.

Download Brochure Vehicle Lifts for Construction & Earthmoving Equipment

Mobile Column Lifts

  • Truly mobile & flexible for all types of transportation
  • Optimum workspace flexibility
  • For XL lifing from 7.5 t- 11.5t per lift and up to 32 columns More about mobile Columns

Video Lifting Forklift Trucks

In this movie you see the versatility of our Mobile Column Lifts. An engineer uses cabled Mobile Column Lifts for maintenance on a Fork Lift Truck.

Fork Lift Adapters make it possible to lift 3 and 4-wheel Fork Lift Trucks in combination with a set of 2 Mobiles.

4-Post Lifts

  • Platform lengths from 7 up to 11.5 m to accomodate a wide range of vehicles
  • Tandem configurations possible
  • Can be flush mounted or surface mounted More info on 4-Post Lifts

SKYLIFT platform lift

  • Ultimate vehicle access
  • Water-resistant for extreme working conditions
  • Platform lengths from 7 m- 14.5 m per lift
  • Tandem configurations for extra long vehicles 
  • Extremely heavy vehicles up to 70 t Meet our Platform SKYLIFT


  • Wheel-free maintenance
  • Optimal workspace
  • For wide and narrow chassis: single and double telescopic arm configurations Discover our 2-Post Lifts 

In the air, on the land and in the sea... we lift any fleet

For any type of industrial vehicle Stertil-Koni has a lift available