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Stertil Through the Decades

We look back as Stertil on a rich history which we are proud of. A combination of entrepreneurial spirit and craftsmanship. Over the years we have served a diversity of industries; from shipping, petrochemical, telecommunications and our focus today on the vehicle repair, maintenance and loading bay equipment industries supported by a full-service organisation.

We stand for high quality, safe and durable solutions which will serve generations to come. Developing through the years our products to better serve our partners with innovation and passion. Stertil's committment is in our products and also in our people. A dedicated and experienced team, working together with our partners to provide value-added product solutions.

stertil in 1962 Kootstertille, Friesland, The Netherlands

Stertil Established in 1961

Stertil is set up as an operating company of the Nederlandse Dock en Scheepbouwmaatschappij (NDSM) in Amsterdam.The company name derives from the village of Kootstertille where our offices and 8,000 m2 production plant are located. 

The company premises were officially opened by the Frisian Commissioner to the Queen on 12th December 1963.


First Stertil Production Projects

New contracts for Wayne Starsweep for the cleaning of factory floors and outside sweeping machines. Insley also approach Stertil to produce heavy excavators for ground moving. Stertil is one of the view manufacturers of these machines in Europe at the time.The start of our heavy career!


Stertil Projects for Petrochemical

Stertil carries out numerous projects for the petrochemical industry.These projects include drilling platforms, fractionating columns and 66 m ventilation pipes for Shell.

Stertil Satellite Dishes

Satellite ground stations in Burum, Friesland, contribute to telecommunications in the Netherlands.
The link was opened by Queen Juliana in 1973 with a call to the Dutch Ambassador in Washington DC, USA.

Satellite ground stations in Burum, Friesland, contribute to telecommunications in the Netherlands.

Stertil Bridges the Waterways

Across the Netherlands, Stertil helps with the construction of bridges. Providing important transport networks for the Dutch waterways. State-of-the-art counter-weight bridges are constructed in the Kootstertille factory helping to build the way for the Dutch transport and infrastructure network.



Stertil Dock Products Established 1972

In co-operation with Kelley, Stertil begins manufacturing dock levellers and with Frommelt dock shelters for loading bays, further strengthening the company with the mass production of branded products. 

Stertil builds bow components for shipping tanker Rotterdam
Stertil Dock Products Established in 1972

Stertil Dock Products UK Established 1972

Stertil Dock Products expand in 1972 into the UK. Stertil UK was the first international company for Stertil Dock Products.


Stertil Provides Energy Solutions

Stertil supplies the first condenser for the new power plant operated by the Provincial Electricity Company on the north side of Bergumer lake, which also supplies electricity to the Stertil plant.

stertil-products for energy-bergumer-lake-condenser
Stertil builds bow components for shipping tanker Rotterdam

Stertil Builds Bow Components Shipping Tanker

The largest bow components ever constructed by Stertil, each 1,500 ton in weight, are loaded onto a barge for transport to Rotterdam.


Koni Service Established in the 1980's

Koni Service is established due to the increase in sales of Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts.

Stertil Koni service extablished in the 1980's
Stertil Dock Products Established in 1972

Stertil-Koni Vehicle Lifts Established

Moving up, Stertil-Koni enters the vehicle lift market. The merger with Koni-Vehicle Lifts in Oud Beijerland provides more continuity to Stertil and reduces dependence on the volatile steel construction market.


Stertil Dock Products 30,000th Dock Leveller

A milestone in 1992 for Stertil-Kelley Dock Products. The production of the 30,000th dock leveller. A good reason to have a party!

Stertil 30,000th dock leveller a milestone for stertil dock products
Stertil-Koni introduces the first mobile column vehicle lift

Stertil-Koni Produces first Mobile Column Vehicle Lift

A truely new innovation in the workshop, Stertil-Koni introduces the first mobile column vehicle lift, providing ultimate freedom and flexibility in the workshop. The mobile column makes lifting heavy vehicles possible anywhere and with greater efficiency.

Stertil Deutschland Established 1999

Supporting local markets with a German Sales subsidiary for Stertil-Koni and Stertil Dock Products.

Stertil-Koni and Stertil Dock Products Deutschland Established 1999
Stertil-Koni USA Established 1996

Stertil-Koni Goes USA 1996

Stertil becomes a global company with the establishment of Stertil-Koni USA.Supporting the multinational truck and bus companies. A new subsidiary is formed in the USA Stertil-Koni USA, with a complete marketing & sales team and a network of exclusive Stertil-Koni distributors covering the whole of the USA, Canada and part of S. America.


Stertil COMBILOK® Patented Safety Innovation for Vehicle Restraint

In health, safety and environment, Stertil is a forerunner in innovation around the loading bay. Stertil Dock Products designed the patented COMBILOK® vehicle restraint system in order to keep personnel safe and prevent accidents happening caused by vehicles trying to leave the dock before loading or unloading is finished.

Stertil Dock Products COMBILOK vechile restraint developed
Stertil-Koni focuses on the heavy duty vehicle lifts market

Stertil-Koni Focus on Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts

Getting to the top means standing out from the crowd. Market demand leads to a focus on heavy-duty vehicle lifts and to differentiating our company in this market segment. Stertil-Koni at the start of becoming the worldwide market leader in heavy duty vehicle lifting.


Stertil-Koni Develops First Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Column Lift

The first wireless mobile column lift ST1082 is launched at Autopromotec in Bologna, Italy, one of the largest vehicle trade fairs in Europe. The 8.2 tons per column mobile column vehicle lift operates by means of Bluetooth, creating a safe wireless vehicle lift system.

Stertil-Koni introduces the first wireless mobile column lift
Stertil-Koni introduces the SKYLIFT the new platform lift

Stertil-Koni Platform SKYLIFT® Launched

SKYLIFT® platform vehicle lift another patented design and a completely new product development. The original sturdy box construction designed to minimise the structure but be super robust, and offer freedom of movement in and around the lift.


Stertil Group 7 Year Modernisation plan

A multi-year plan is developed to modernise production to a flow process.The Stertil Group invests in the European production facility with state-of-the-art automated welding laser robots and a new CNC laser cutter in order to increase productivity and efficiency. At the same time new building renovations ensure that production personeel work in modern and climate controlled working conditions.

Stertil-Koni welding robot for dock and loading bay products
stokvis service expands service in 2008

Stokvis Service Expands Quality Service

Takeover of the French service company Sofregi which is specialised in maintenance and repair of heavy duty vehicle lifts and has national coverage in France. In the same year there is the takeover in the Netherlands of the service activities of Lasaulec that provides Stokvis Service with qualified Service Engineers.


Stertil Becomes Part of Citadel Enterprises

Stertil in Kootstertille, the Netherlands is aqcuired by the Kroymans Group, Hilversum Handelshuis Hagemeyer, a group of companies from the automotive industry.
A good match with an investor who stands for innovation in the production industry.

stertil is acquired by Citadel Enterprises
Stertil-Koni launches energy producing EARTHLIFT mobile column vehicle lift

Stertil-Koni Green Mobile Column Vehicle Lift EARTHLIFT Launch

The launch of a "green" mobile column vehicle lift the EARTHLIFT. The EARTHLIFT uses less energy and it creates its own energy upon descent, meaning 55 lifting cycles are possible without recharging.

Stertil Group Acquires Stertil ALM, USA

Stertil takes over ALM Corporation (Streator, Illinois) and adopts the scissor vehicle lift, the ECOLIFT (Manheim, Massachusetts). In the same year, ECOLIFT production moves to ALM, making Streator our central production facility in the USA. 

Stertil Group acquires Stertil ALM, Streator Illinois USA2008
Stertil Next phase in 7 year modernisation plan 2009 F. Kroymans and E. Nijpels

Stertil Group Next Phase in Production Modernisation Plan

Taking a risk. The economy in Europe suffers severe recession and Stertil decides to invest instead of cutting back on costs. The next phase in the development of the Stertil Kootstertille production facility is realised. Official opening is done by Mr. F. Kroymans, Owner of Citadel Enterprises and Mr. E. Nijpels Frisian Commissioner to the Queen, with CEO of the Stertil Group, Mr. U.G. Bijlsma.

Stertil ALM, Streator, USA Further Production Expansion

The further expansion of the Stertil ALM production facility of 1 acre in Streator in the state of Illinois, USA. Due to the increased demand in a wide range of Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts, additional production space ,as well as test and training faclities have been built on the existing site.

Stertil ALM further expansion
stertil corporate identitiy house of brands

Stertil New Corporate Identity

The Stertil identity worldwide. A global company needs a strong brand identity that is recognisable worldwide. Our new company corporate identity places Stertil on the map around the world.


Stertil Expands in Emerging Markets

Stertil Interyapi in Levent Istabul, Turkey is established as the local sales office for Stertil Dock Products in the region. The Turkish economy is growing and there is an increased demand for loading bay equipment. The Stertil Group takes the opportunity to early invest in this expanding market.

stertil interyapi in Turkey established for the sales of dock equipment
Stertil wins innovation award Autovak Rai 2011 with Stertil-Koni EARTHLIFT

Stertil Wins Varta Innovation Award Autovak RAI Amsterdam 2011

Stokvis Equipment the Dutch sales subsidiary for Stertil-Koni products was awarded the Varta innovation award during the Autovak Rai in Amsterdam 2011.The Stertil-Koni EARTHLIFT is an innovation and a major step forward in the vehicle maintenance and repair industry by generating its own energy with the unique Active Energy Retrieval System; 55 lifting cycles before recharging.

Stokvis Service Record Number of Service Engineers

Due to the increased demand for Stertil products in the Dutch market the Stovis Service division of Stertil is increased and there are now a record number of Service Engineers providing installation and maintenance of both the Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts and Stertil Dock Products.

Stokvis Service Record Number of Service Engineers
stertil group bv formed in 2012 stertil is a multimational

Stertil New Corporate Structure under The Stertil Group B.V.

Stertil becomes a multinational with a company structure comprising the Stertil Group BV and operating companies of Stertil-Koni, Stertil Dock Products and the Stertil sales subsidiaries located strategically worldwide.
The CEO and President Mr. Ing. U.G Bijlsma with four other Management Team members.

Stertil-Koni In-Ground DIAMONDLIFT Launched 2012

The product range is enhanced with the launch of the in-Ground piston lift the DIAMONDLIFT that is produced at Stertil ALM in the USA. Stertil-Koni now offers a complete range of lifting systems for any type of commercial vehicle.

stertil-koni in-grouns piston lfts the DIAMONDLIFT
Stertil Dock Products launches new retro-fit dock leveller de SPL

Stertil Dock Products Launches Retro-Fit Dock Leveller

The new SPL Dock Levellers provide a durable solution for retro-fit dock situations as well as providing a safe and versatile leveller for a wide range of vehicles.

Stertil Official Opening of New Stertil-Koni Assembly Line

The circle is complete after a 7 year master investment for total modernisation of the Stertil production facility. The official opening of the new assembly line was done by Mr. F. Kroymans owner and investor of Stertil and Citadel Enterprises, Mr. J. Jorritsma, Commissioner to the King for the Frisian province in the presence of the the local mayor and council members and other guests and employees.

Mr. U.G.Bijlsma, President & CEO of the Stertil Group was proud to announce that due to the support and belief in the company that Stertil is an example to other manufacturing companies.

The Official Opening of the Stertil-Koni Assembly line 7 year plan from 2007-2014
Stertil-Koni introduces the ebright Smart Control on mobile colum lifts

Stertil-Koni Launches ebright Smart Control System

Stertil-Koni introduces the newest in workshop technology with the introduction of ebright SMART Control System. The EARTHLIFT column-lift is the first mobile column lift to include a full colour 7" touch screen. With the touch of the screen up to 32 mobile column lifts can be operated for the full control of the mobile column lifts. 


Stertil Dock Products Launches Secure EDGEDOCK Leveller

Stertil Dock Products create ultimately secure EDGEDOCK mini dock leveller. This leveller ensures that accidents are prevented by not allowing personnel by lorries backing up onto the dock.


Stertil Dock Products launches new retro-fit dock leveller de SPL
Stertil wins prestigious FME International Award 2015

Stertil Wins Prestigious FME International Business Award

Stertil wins the FME International Business award for the company’s contribution to the metal electric industry and for the new ebright SMART control system. 

President & CEO Mr. U.G. Bijlsma presented how Stertil is committed  to developing and continued innovation in the heavy vehicle lift and dock equipment industry  and how over the years the Stertil Group has stood by the company strategy by making clear choices; working with local managment globally and differenting through SMART techniques.


Stertil Qingdao in China Established 2015

In 2015 Stertil begins a sales office and production facility in China in the Shandong province to produce Stertil-Koni heavy duty vehicle lifts for the local Asian markets.

The first order was placed the same year for the Qingdao local bus company.


Stertil Qingdao China established
Stertil Dock Products launche courier and parcel hybrid van shelter

Stertil Dock Products Launches Courier & Parcel Services Shelter

Stertil Dock Products shows they are to the challenge in the fast-moving courier & parcel service distribution centre market.

Many large courier services aswell as the on-line web companies approached Stertil Dock Products for a soft but robust weather resistant dock shelter for fast and safe loading and unloading.




Stertil ALM Further Production Expansion New Assembly Line

Further investment to meet demand for Stertil-Koni lifts in North America. The Stertil ALM production plant in Streator in Illinois is expanded further. A major investment has been made by the Stertil Group in the state-of-the art robotised welding line enabling an increase in productivity. Alongside this the overall working environment has been upgraded and work is in progress for the new mobile column lift assemly line. Stertil ALM is one of the flagship production locations for Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts



Stertil ALM further expansion new robotised welding line
Stertil Group acquires Nussbaum

Stertil Group Acquires Nussbaum

The Stertil Group acquires Nussbaum Custom Lifts GmbH and Nussbaum World Lifts GmbH, in Kehl, Germany. A high quality manufacturer of world-class automotive light duty lifts.

Official Opening Expansion of Global HQ Stertil B.V.

The Stertil Group has been expanded considerably with 7,500 m2 of production and office space. The opening was performed by the Commissioner to the King for the Frisian Province.

Official opening expansion Stertil headquarters
Stertil Group acquire business activities Beissbarth GmbH

Stertil Group Acquire Business Activities of Beissbarth GmbH

Acquisition of the business activities of Beissbarth GmbH. The company Beissbarth Automotive Testing Solutions GmbH - manufacturer of world-class modern testing and service equipment - now belongs to the Stertil Group.