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Introducing ebright for the SKYLIFT Platform Lift

09/02/2020 | 2020

The first introduction of ebright was in 2015 for the Mobile Column lifts. In 2017 we introduced the ebright Smart Control System for the operation of the Stertil-Koni in-grounds, on the DIAMONDLIFT and the ECOLIFT.
Now in 2020 this intuitive and easy-to-use touch control is available for the legendary Stertil-Koni platform lift, the SKYLIFT also for the Washbay version, with all of the same benefits.


The ebright SMART Control System Offers:

  • A High Resolution 7" full colour touchscreen
  • User-friendly intuitive visual controls
  • Simultaneous control for tandem lift configurations
  • Provides Diagnostic information about the SKYLIFT
  • Owner/user-configurable options, including choice of language
  • Presentation of all relevant information at a glance
  • Can be operated wearing gloves

SKYLIFT platform vehicle lift with ebright        

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