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From light to heavy commercial vehicles

4-Post Vehicle Lifts 5.5t & 7t

The Stertil-Koni compact 4-post vehicle lifts are very versatile for maintenance and servicing. The compact 4-post lifts are specifically developed for the new generation of long commercial vans and light freight trucks. Even in smaller workshops the mechanic has ample working space under the lift. The system is fitted with two hydraulic cylinders

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  • Unique drive-on height
  • Compact space saving design
  • Wide adjustable platforms
  • Low drive-on height for easy access onto the platforms
  • Adjustable lowering speed for safe and controlled lowering


ModelST 4055ST 4070
Lifting system HydraulicHydraulic
Lifting capacity 5,500 kg7,000 kg
Lifting height 2,030 mm2,030 mm
Lifting time31 seconds39 seconds
Platform length5125 mm5725 mm
Lifting system HydraulicLifting capacity 5,500 kgLifting height 2,030 mmLifting time31 secondsPlatform length5125 mm
Lifting system HydraulicLifting capacity 7,000 kgLifting height 2,030 mmLifting time39 secondsPlatform length5725 mm

Wide adjustable platforms

An extremely low drive-on height of only 160 mm guarantees that vehicles with low ground-clearance can be driven onto the platforms without grounding.

The low drive-on height means that short drive on ramps can be used, leading to more space available for moving vehicles around in your workshop.

Stertil-Koni 4-post vehicle lift

Adjustable lowering speed

All models are standard equipped with an adjustable lowering speed valve. Now the vehicle on the lift can be lowered onto e.g. axle stands, transmission jack. 

Universal Design

Thanks to the wide variety of lengths and widths of these 4-post vehicle lifts, Stertil-Koni always has a platform length suited to your workplace or your vehicle programme.

Space saving design

With its compact design the lift can fit in all most any workshop. A low drive-on height in combination with the short drive-on ramps makes these 4-Post Lifts easy accessible.

ST 4055

ST 4055 4-post vehicle lift has a lifting capacity of 5.500 kg.  With its compact design it is often used in smaller workshop using minimal workshop space. 

ST 4070

ST 4070 4-post vehicle lift has a lifting capacity of 7.000 kg.  If you require a bit more lifting power the ST 4070 is a good choice. Especially suitable for long Vans like Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Iveco Daily, VW Crafter.     

  • ST 4055
  • ST 4070

Very Stable

Thanks to the special design incorporating columns, cross-beams and tracks, the ST 4055 and the ST 4070 are very stable 4-post vehicle lifts.

There is a big maximum space between the columns, due to the slim post profile and special design. This makes driving on for wide vehicles easier and guarantees optimum access.

Maximum Lifting height

The unique lifting height of more than 2 metres is reached in a very short time. This means that even tall mechanics can work upright under the vehicle.

The rate of descent can be manually controlled, making it easy to position the vehicle on axle supports and transmission jacks.

Operational Reliability

The Stertil-Koni 4-Post lifts are renowned for their reliability, long lifespan and high resale value. Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts are designed for intensive and problem free use.

All models were tested during their development with a minimum of 50,000 lifting cycles under a full load.

Optimal Access

The 630 mm wide tracks make these 4-post vehicle lifts ideal for commercial vans and light freight vehicles with twin wheels.

The adjustable track guarantees maximum freedom of movement under the vehicle.

emergency fire truck on four post vehicle lift Stertil-Koni


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