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About us

Stertil-Koni is the heavy duty vehicle lift specialist with a long history in vehicle equipment. Stertil-Koni makes a difference by focusing on commercial vehicles and listening to customer requirements with their maintenance and repair needs.

You can be assured that when you invest in a Stertil-Koni vehicle lift you are investing in quality, reliability and innovation and the Stertil-Koni team have a commitment to providing solutions which will serve any workshop situation.

Stertil-Koni local sales office in:

The Netherlands ● Stokvis Equipment B.V.
United Kingdom & Ireland ● Stertil UK Ltd.
France ● Stertil-Equip’VI
United States of America ● Stertil-Koni USA
Germany ● Nussbaum Automotive Lifts GmbH / Stertil-Koni
Poland ● Stertil Koni Polska Sp. Zo.o
China ● Stertil Qingdao Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts Co., Ltd

Research & Development

Stertil-Koni has a dedicated research & development department for vehicle lifts providing customer-focused product developments. Listening to market requirements and then translating these into new solutions. The wireless mobile column lift no cables so no tripping hazards a patented design development which has changed the product landscape in the heavy duty lifting market over the last 10 years. The EARTHLIFT with a unique Active Energy Retrieval System for re-powering of the batteries upon descent and it doesn't stop here...


the synthetic runner wheel system with a lifetime guarantee, microprocessor-controlled lifting systems, automatic fault diagnosis displays and programmable lifting heights, structures without cross beams, various patents. The use of such modern calculation programs as FEM (finite elements method) and the use of CAD systems have enabled Stertil-Koni to raise the level of lifting technology even further.


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